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Heavy Duty Scaffold Board Bracket made from 30mm x 6mm flat mild steel


Sold as a single bracket with fixings included.


Our heavy duty scaffold brackets are perfect for that rustic industrial look. Handmade and stress tested here in Northern Ireland, they are available in sizes from 150mm up to 300mm. Made from 6mm thick x 30mm wide mild steel, they are very strong so perfect for holding heavy items. The angled support brace is fully welded for maximum strength (4 welds in total).


This style of bracket has a upward lip that can be made to suit your shelf. The lip can be from 15mm to 50mm, just leave the lip size in the provide box when ordering.


*The length of the lip is measured from the inside of the bracket, for example, if your shelf is 20mm thick and you would like the lip to be flush with the top of your shelf, a 20mm lip is required.


Once the bracket has been made, all burrs are removed, corners are rounded, polished and the final stage is to clean and degrease. The brackets can be unpainted or powder coated in one of our various colours.

*If a painted bracket is selected, the fixings will also be painted.


Brackets are sold in singles allowing you to order the exact amount that you require. All holes are drilled and countersunk to suit the provided fixings including genuine RawlPlug Evo rawlplugs (7mm x 30mm), 5mm x 38mm countersunk pozidrive screws (for fixing bracket to wall) and 5mm x 25mm pozidrive screws for fixing a shelf to the bracket. The 200mm x 200mm brackets come with 2 holes for mounting the bracket to the wall and 2 holes for fixing your shelf. *Larger brackets will come with additional holes as required.

Bracket Dimensions

150mm - 300mm • Length of bracket

30mm • Width of steel

6mm  • Thickness of steel

15mm - 50mm • Lip at end of bracket


 *Please note: It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the brackets are installed safely. What you will see on the photo is what you will receive (maybe some slight colour variation) The colour of the steel may vary slightly from the picture but the steel is always the same grade and quality. Please check the photos for extra details or feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. If you can't find the size / style that you need or you have any other ideas or projects, please contact me and I will be happy to help with a free quotation.

Heavy Duty Scaffold Board Bracket - Various Colours Available

PriceFrom £9.00
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