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Sold as a single hook with fixings included.


Our industrial style hooks are perfect for that rustic look. Handmade by ourselves, they range in length from 30mm to 100mm. Made from 6mm x 25mm mild steel, they are very strong. The hooks are hand bent using traditional metal working methods from one single piece of 6mm thick steel rather than welded together or mass produced from a machine. 


Once the hook has been made, all burrs are removed, corners are rounded, polished and the final stage is to clean and degrease. The brackets come unpainted in their natural raw steel colour or powder coated in a variety of colours.




Length of hook (internal) • 30mm - 100mm


Rear height • 80mm


Front lip height • 20mm


Width of steel • 25mm


Thickness of steel • 6mm


Industrial style hook - Various Colours Available

PriceFrom £4.00
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